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Brand Videos

Your brand has a story and your customers want to know it.  A brand video tells your story in an authentic way creating an emotional connection around your product or service.  Using a video on your website can convert visitors as much as 80% more! 


Brand videos can help to improve website traffic by driving people to your website to watch your videos. The longer they remain on site, the stronger the signal to search engines that you are providing valuable content.


The branding team at Media Plus Motion will work with you to create a script that highlights how your company can help your customers reach success. Our video production services team provides pre-production, filming, and post production edits.

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Brand Video Project:
Kurt's Card Care

Customers have found you, but do they know all the features and benefits of working with you?  Video can explain how you can solve the problem and make their life easier.

People love stories, and they're more likely to remember a story than a list of facts. When you use video storytelling, you're able to connect with your audience on an emotional level, which can help to build brand loyalty. Your prospective client wants to know "why" you are in the business you are and how you are uniquely positioned to solve their pain. Telling the story of your founder and your core beliefs in business builds trust.

We worked with Kurt's Card Care to tell their brand story, create long form product videos, and create explainer videos for each product.  We continue to work with the team with branding support and website design -

Kurt's Card Care Brand Story

Kurt's Card Care Branded Product Videos

Three Stages
Story Development
You are the author of your story, but every great story needs an editing team. You’ll work with our brand video team to develop your story, create an engaging script, and provide the right media to connect with your customer. We’ll help you develop the right tone, imagery, and on-screen messaging for your video project. 
Our video production services team will guide your project from pre-production through the filming process. We’ll work with you to create the right look from sets to attire, the proper audio recording, lighting environment, and tie it all together with the perfect story telling elements.
Post Production
Our editing team will edit your video by the agreed on time and work with you directly to fine tune any editing requests. You’ll love your final video - and so will your customers.

Want to know more about using video storytelling for your small business?  Schedule a consultation below or visit our guide here:

Unleashing the Power of Brand Videos

Michelle Chevatewa

Michelle Chevatewa

Storyteller and Strategist

Jason Chevatewa

Jason Chevatewa


How Will I Work With Media Plus Motion on my brand video?

Brand Video Project:
HHI Services

We were honored to provide story development, filming, post production, and content marketing strategies for Hodge Home Inspections, LLC brand video needs.

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