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About Media Plus Motion:

Married for more than 25 years, Jason and Michelle combined their expertise in branding and video production to help businesses tell their story.


Marketing and video production is all about connections. Connecting the right message with your audience, connecting your solution to their pain, and connecting your goals with results. Connections are also about relationships. And our relationship with our clients is both a priority and a point of pride.  So, let's start making connections, and watch your business grow. 


"When you work with a small business, you can truly change their world - helping them to hire another employee, put their kid in dance class, or turn the corner to profitable. We love helping small business define their story and turn viewers into customers through real human connection."


Member of the Rochester Regional Chamber

Jason Chevatewa and Michelle Chevatewa are the owners of Media Plus Motion


Michelle Chevatewa, Storyteller

Michelle is a pro at word play (fun fact: she does three crossword puzzles every morning).  You'll work with Michelle to define your brand story, develop messaging that speaks to your audience, your industry, and your goals.  The end result is a message that positions your product or services as the can't-live-without solution.

Michelle Chevatewa is the owner of Media Plus Motion


Jason Chevatewa, Filmmaker

Jason is often called the "Spielberg of Detroit".  An avid movie fan he loves the craft and creating a story that invokes emotion and creates results.  Jason will be involved in your video project from scope, filming, editing and final production.

Jason Chevatewa is the owner of Media Plus Motion

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