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Seven Essential Videos for Metro Detroit Small Businesses

Updated: Apr 3

As a Metro Detroit brand videographer specializing in small business video production, I know first-hand how powerful video marketing can be for local companies. Here are 7 must-have videos to amplify your Metro Detroit small business, backed by data and explaining their importance:

Explainer Videos

Around 94% of people watch explainer videos to better understand a product or service. These 1-2 minute clips simplify your offering in a catchy, easy-to-follow way that boosts viewer comprehension and interest.

Social Media Videos

With 83% of people using Instagram to discover new products/services, having a library of snappy social videos is crucial. Social clips increase engagement by 83%, drive website traffic, and help your Metro Detroit business get discovered.

Presentation Videos

Turning recorded webinars, lectures, or speeches into polished presentation videos provides an incredible content asset. 59% of executives admit they would choose video over text if both covered the same topic.

Customer Testimonials

91% of people say positive reviews convince them to use a business. Customer testimonial videos tap into the power of peer recommendations by showcasing happy clients raving about your Metro Detroit company.

Video Ads

Video ads on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. are vital for reaching your target audience with retargeting campaigns. They increase brand awareness by 139% and purchase intent by 97%.

Sales Videos

Pre-recorded sales presentation or demo videos make a great first impression by pitching your Metro Detroit business when you aren't there. They are automatically available 24/7 on your small business website and boost lead qualification and website conversion.

Product Demos

Seeing is believing! Product demo videos showcasing your offerings in action can increase online conversions by 144%. They provide reassurance for prospects unsure about making a purchase.

Chart showing the percentage of video types created by brands

With most consumers now favoring video over other content, having a comprehensive video marketing plan is essential for Metro Detroit small businesses looking to succeed. Schedule your video consultation to learn how we can put video to work for you.

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