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frustrated small business owner looking for a new website

Small Business Websites

You deserve a website that works as hard as you.

Do you struggle with:

  • How to tell your story in a captivating way?

  • Outdated tech that is hard to manage?

  • Low conversion rates?

  • Customer complaints, or worse, loss of sales?

Small Business Website Builds

You can have a new website this month!

Your website is the online hub for your business.  So you need a website that works as hard as you do.  And you don't have time to waste.

  • Your website needs to turn viewers into customers.  We build websites that convert by expertly blending attractive on-brand designs with SEO best practices, all while focusing on the user experience.

  • You need a website that you can easily update and maintain.  We build websites that make sense for the average business owner and then we show you how to use it. Prefer to hand that duty off? We offer ongoing maintenance and support too.

  • And you need it fast! No problem.  We offer VIP focused service. Once we start the build on your site, you'll receive your initial draft within three business days!

Dedicated Builder

Work directly with your website builder from concept to completion.

Training & Support

Choose from training your team or ongoing maintenance and support.

Quick Turnaround

Receive your first site draft within three business days.


Setup for your online shop, shipping, and tax calculations.

Platform Choices

Built on your platform of choice, including Wix, GoDaddy, Shopify, Squarespace, and others.

All builds mobile optimized.

Conversion Copywriting

All copywriting and content focused on conversion goals.

Woman holding laptop behind blue overlay with the words website review and design services

Small Business Website Review and Build Workbook

A guide to our process and the questions you should ask before building a new website.

Customer Logo

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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Copywriting Services

Michelle Chevatewa, Copywriter at Media Plus Motion

Just having a website isn't enough.  You need great copy.
Your website loads super fast.  You hired the best photographer to capture your images.  And visitors bounce away never to return.
If your website copywriting isn't properly written to communicate your small business story, connect to your visitor and convince customers to buy your product and services, it doesn't matter how wicked fast and visually stunning it is.
With a content audit of your site, we can determine what copy is working, what isn't and then either do an edit or a full rewrite, depending on what your goals are. We'll make sure it is the right kind of website writing for your business, and your customers. 
It might be as simple as stronger call to actions or renamed headlines. Or it may be larger rewrites to keep in sync with your brand marketing and voice.  We make sure the voice is on-brand, the information is not only correct but is actually what customers are looking for and interested in, and that it's written and formatted in a way that holds people's attention.  We'll also make sure your call to actions are strong, easy to find, and easy to understand. You'll provide us with the background product and service information we need and we'll take it from there.

Website Review

Could your website convert more visitors?

It happens to everyone.  You launch your website and then you go back to working in the business.  Your site is live so you're done now, right?  Well, only if it is converting as many leads as you want.  If it's not, then our website review services might be right for you. 


First, we'll work together to understand your goals for your site, your target audience, and resources available.  Next, we'll conduct a website review that takes a deep look at conversion points, brand marketing and voice, use of images and video, and visitor experience.  We'll analyze your message quality, consistency, information structure, and funnel architecture.  Then we'll create a plan of attack to get your website back to doing its job - turning visitors into customers. 

Once we complete your Website Review or Build
we'll do one of two things:

  1. We'll train your team to execute your plan.  And we'll be here if you need us. 

  2. We execute your plan for you.  We'll keep you well informed every step of the way.

Not sure how to find the right website designer for your business?  

Read our guide.

  • What is Inbound Marketing?
    Inbound marketing is content that attracts leads and customers by creating valuable content that they are looking for. Quite simply, it helps customers find your company. Inbound marketing is different than normal ads and sponsored post. This content is geared towards showing how you solve a problem, provide a service, or sell a product that a customer needs. An effective inbound marketing strategy will focus on attracting the right viewers, engaging them through relevant content, and delighting them with you as a solution to their pain. Inbound marketing is used to create brand awareness, elevate brand preference, and retain current customers. Typically, inbound marketing is a longer strategy, but more cost effective than ad campaigns.
  • What is a lead magnet?
    A lead magnet is a piece of content that is valuable enough for a lead to share their email address with you. Lead magnets take many forms like special offers, exclusive content, white papers, guides, or free samples. Lead magnets are used to create awareness and drive customer engagement. Lead magnets are often the beginning piece to funnel contacts into your email campaign.
  • Should Inbound Marketing include videos?
    Adding video to your inbound marketing will help improve your engagement as most people prefer to watch a video over reading long form content. Video content engages your customer with storytelling using visuals, sound, and words simultaneously. Videos should be used on social media and landing page as part of your inbound marketing strategy.
  • What is Email Marketing?
    Email marketing is an effective marketing strategy component that involves sending emails to leads and customers. Email marketing can be used to increase conversion to customer, promote products, or generate interest in your brand.
  • Is Email Marketing Effective?
    Email is a direct line of conversation with your contacts. People are more likely to see an email than a social media post, which may not appear in the feeds of your followers. With email segmentation you can send different messages based on your contacts interactions with your content and previous purchase history. Compared to sponsored posts and general ads, this targeted form of communication is far more effective in generating conversions. Email campaigns typically see a return of $36 for every $1 spent.
  • How do I get emails from leads and customers?
    Before you email contacts, you'll need their permission. It's against the policy of most email marketing services to purchase a list of email addresses. It's also unlikely to be effective as the contact will not know why you are emailing them. The best way to create an email list is to use voluntary opt-in practices. Most inbound marketing strategies provide opportunities for contacts to join your email list through lead magnets. You can also ask your customers to join your email list for product updates and offers. Newsletter sign up is effective when your contact trusts you to send relevant content.

How It Works


Let's Talk

We'll schedule a time to discuss your goals and how we can help.


Let's Review

We'll conduct a content audit and interview.


Let's Tell Your Story

We'll provide content, strategy calendar, and distribution support.

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