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6 Benefits of Small Business Videos for Business Growth

Updated: Mar 8

If you aren’t using brand video in your marketing plan, you are missing out on six key opportunities.

Jason Chevatewa, small business videographer

Increased Revenue

On average, businesses that include videos as part of their marketing, conversion, and website strategy see revenue increases 49% faster than businesses that do no use video.

Both product and service-based companies can benefit from incorporating video across their website, campaigns, and other marketing touchpoints.

Leads and existing customers want to engage with brands through diverse content formats. Video allows forming connections on a deeper, more relatable level.

Lead Generation

Landing pages that include video have an 80% increase in engagement rates. Brand videos quickly explain products, services, and value propositions without relying solely on written content. Viewers better understand offerings through visual storytelling.

Videos help illustrate features and benefits in an easily digestible way. This builds interest and trust with potential leads.

Increased Engagement

Click through rates increase an average of 27% in email campaigns that include video. The most common types of videos used in inbound marketing and email campaigns include:

  • Brand promotion

  • Event marketing

  • Case studies

  • Customer testimonials

  • Post sale product information

  • Holiday messaging

  • Demo a product or service

Small Business Videos Are Consumable Content

Approximately 80% of all content consumed online is video.

Without incorporating engaging video content as part of your digital marketing mix, you miss out on incredible opportunities to connect with your audience.

From branded social videos to behind-the-scenes clips, video can be published across channels to attract and delight viewers.

Turn Viewers Into Customers

64% of people who watch branded small business videos eventually make a purchase from that company.

With the average user spending 147 minutes on social platforms daily, you need social media videos to capture their attention during that time.

Strategically planned video engages your existing audience while also displaying your brand to new potential customers.

Attention Grabbing

No matter where it's embedded, video grabs viewer focus in a more immersive way than other content formats.

Brand videos with compelling visuals, soundtracks, animations, and graphic elements capture attention on websites and in campaigns.

Pages with video incorporated have an average 44% longer time spent compared to pages without.

Elevate Your Marketing with Custom Brand Videos

Want expert help creating strategic, high-converting video content that engages your audience? Our brand video delivers compelling solutions to grow your business.

We help you tell your story, turning viewers into customers.

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