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How to Create Engaging Brand Videos for Small Businesses in 2024: A Step-by-Step Guide

Updated: May 9

view of a camera during the setup of a brand video filming session
Behind the scenes brand video production

Brand videos are a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes. They can be used to introduce your company to new customers, promote your products or services, and build relationships with your audience. But creating a successful brand video is not as easy as it sounds. Your video should be engaging, informative, and visually appealing, while also conveying your brand's message and values. We'll provide some tips to help you create a successful brand video that will resonate with your audience and drive business results.

In today's competitive digital landscape, brand videos have become an essential tool for small businesses to stand out and connect with their target audience. According to a recent study by Wyzowl, 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, and 93% of marketers say that video is an important part of their marketing strategy. By creating engaging brand videos, small businesses can increase brand awareness, build trust with their audience, and ultimately drive more conversions.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to create engaging brand videos in 2024:

Identifying Your Target Audience for Brand Videos

The first step is identifying who you want to reach. Analyze their demographics, interests, pain points. Tailor your video's tone and messaging to resonate emotionally.

Developing a Compelling Concept for Your Brand Video

Decide on your small business brand video's purpose and story. What do you want viewers to know, feel or do? A compelling concept provides focus.

To craft a strong concept for your brand video, start by identifying your video's main message and the emotions you want to evoke in your audience. Consider your brand's unique value proposition and how you can communicate it through storytelling. Think about the type of video that would best suit your message, such as a testimonial, product demo, or brand story. Use brainstorming techniques like mind mapping or storyboarding to generate creative ideas and refine your concept.

Writing an Impactful Script for Your Brand Video

Create a script to map out the video structure. Outline key messages you want to convey. Work with a video production company to hone messaging that converts.

Film With a Strategic Shoot Plan

Plan what visuals you need. Brand video production requires deliberate cinematography, lighting and audio capture. When Media Plus Motion is planning your brand video shoot, we consider factors like location, lighting, and equipment. Choose a location that aligns with your brand aesthetic and provides a suitable backdrop for your story. A professional brand videographer will ensure that the lighting is flattering and consistent throughout the shoot. Our investment in high-quality equipment, such as cameras, lenses, and audio gear, to ensure professional-looking results. Together, we create a detailed shot list and schedule to keep the shoot organized and efficient. Don't forget to capture b-roll footage and extra shots that can be used in the editing process to enhance the visual storytelling.

Edit for Brand Consistency

The final edit of your small business brand video should refine footage then add graphics, music and effects that align with your brand style guidelines. Professional editing elevates the look and feel.

Promote Your Video Across Channels

Share your brand video on your small business website, social platforms and paid ads. Repurpose it into multiple formats as part of an omnichannel strategy.

Track Performance and Optimize

Analyze engagement metrics, conversions and ROI. Refine your approach over time to improve results.

To track the performance of your brand video, use analytics tools like Google Analytics, YouTube Analytics, or native analytics on social media platforms. Monitor metrics like views, engagement, click-through rates, and conversions. Use this data to identify areas for improvement and optimize your video marketing strategy. Consider A/B testing different elements of your video, such as the thumbnail, title, or call-to-action, to see what resonates best with your audience. Continuously refine your approach based on data-driven insights to improve the ROI of your brand video efforts.

Brand Video Best Practices

Follow these tips for brand video success:

  • Keep videos concise - under 2 minutes delivers the most impact.

  • Use high-quality visuals - invest in professional cinematography.

  • Include music - licensed tracks that set the right tone.

  • Have a clear CTA - tell viewers what action you want them to take.

For a more detailed strategy on using brand videos to reach your marketing goals, click here.

Get Help Creating Your Brand Video

Work with brand video production experts to craft content that elevates your marketing. Contact us today to turn viewers into customers!


Small Business Brand Video FAQ

  • How much does it cost to create a professional brand video?

    • The cost of a brand video is dependent on several factors like story development, shooting locations, time spent filming, on screen graphics, and more. While quick testimonial videos may cost hundreds of dollars a large brand story project can cost thousands. The best way to get an accurate quote is an in-depth consultation with the video production team. Most companies offer a free consultation.

  • How long should a brand video be?

    • The length of your brand video will depend on what is being communicated and where it is being shared. Social media videos will typically range from 30-90 seconds, a brand story may be a few minutes, while an explainer or trouble shooting video can be several minutes.

  • How often should I update my brand videos?

    • Your brand video should be updated when:

      • You offer new products or services

      • You've had a key change in team members

      • You've rebranded your company

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