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Nine Powerful Questions to Ask Customers When Creating Testimonial Videos

Updated: May 13

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As a Metro Detroit video production company, we know firsthand how testimonials can boost credibility for local small businesses. Creating powerful testimonial videos is an excellent way for businesses to build credibility, increase sales, and attract new customers. However, the key to crafting compelling customer testimonial videos that build credibility and increase sales is asking the right questions to your customers during the interview process.

Testimonial videos should share authentic, heartfelt stories that resonate with your target audience. By framing questions thoughtfully, you can guide customers to describe their experiences vividly while highlighting your product or service's unique value proposition.

As you plan out testimonial video questions, keep in mind that the goal is to be both informative and persuasive. You want to give viewers a glimpse into your customer's journey while subtly marketing your offerings as the ideal solution to their pain points.

The key testimonial video questions to ask customers include:

  • Background and context questions

  • Value proposition and decision prompts

  • Emphasizing positive results and benefits

  • Securing a strong recommendation

So what are the best questions to ask customers when creating persuasive testimonial videos? Let's explore some prompts

To help you create authentic, engaging testimonials, I've compiled the 9 most effective questions to ask your satisfied customers. These prompts are designed to highlight your unique value proposition, showcase tangible results, and secure strong recommendations.

9 Powerful Testimonial Video Questions

  1. Establish Context: "Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?"

  2. Identify Pain Points: "What challenges were you facing before discovering our product/service?"

  3. Highlight Discovery: "How did you first hear about us and what made you decide to give us a try?"

  4. Uncover Decision Factors: "What specific aspects made you choose us over other options you considered?"

  5. Reveal Benefits: "How has our product/service helped you overcome your initial challenges?"

  6. Prove Tangible Results: "Can you share any specific positive outcomes or ROI you've experienced?"

  7. Emphasize Impact: "What has been the biggest transformation or improvement to your business since using our offering?"

  8. Capture Satisfaction: "On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your overall satisfaction with us?"

  9. Secure Recommendation: "Would you recommend us to others facing similar challenges, and why?"

An authentic customer testimonial with an enthusiastic recommendation straight from a satisfied customer's mouth can persuade prospective buyers to convert. Remember, the key is fostering an authentic, conversational tone during interviews. Ask follow-up questions and let the dialogue flow naturally while guiding it back to emphasize your unique selling points.

Crafting a Compelling Testimonial Video

Now that you have powerful customer quotes, it's time to weave them into an engaging narrative. Here are some pro tips:

  • Begin with a brief customer intro to establish relatability

  • Highlight the key pain points and challenges they faced

  • Reveal the "aha" moment of discovering your solution

  • Emphasize the unique features and benefits that swayed their decision

  • Showcase the tangible, positive results and impact on their lives or business

  • Close with an enthusiastic, heartfelt recommendation

Remember, the goal is to be authentic, informative, and persuasive. Edit testimonials into concise, compelling stories that subtly market your offerings as the ideal solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long should a testimonial video be? Aim for 1-2 minutes to keep viewers engaged while still conveying key messages. Edit strategically to maintain a captivating pace.

  2. Do I need professional equipment? Yes. While a customer testimonial should be natural, professional lighting, audio, and video equipment make for a professional appearance to your video. You may also want to include cutaway shots, product detail shots, or B-roll of your product and services in action.

  3. Should I script the interview? Avoid scripting word-for-word to maintain authenticity. Prepare questions and key talking points, but let customers speak naturally in their own voice.

  4. How many testimonials should I create? Start by producing 3-5 strong testimonials from diverse customers to represent different personas and use cases. Consistently add new ones to build credibility over time. If you introduce new products or services, it's a good idea to capture these videos to help introduce and sell to your market.

With thoughtful planning, you can develop testimonial video questions that tell engaging stories, convey social proof, and powerfully market your business's value.

For more ways on how to boost your Metro Detroit small business with testimonial videos, visit this post.

At Media Plus Motion, we understand that in the competitive landscape, credibility is paramount. That's why we are proud to provide metro Detroit brand videography services to small businesses. Let us collaborate with you to craft compelling client testimonial videos that elevate your brand's identity and drive engagement. Schedule your free consultation to get started.

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