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6 Steps to Increase Social Media Engagement

Updated: Mar 21

Creating a community of followers, advocate, and customers is an essential part of any successful social media strategy. But how do you increase social media engagement? Follow these six steps to boost your engagement.

Increase Social Media Engagement with Insights

What previous posts received the most reactions from your followers? Look at the messaging and the format. Was it an offer, a video, a particular product? Leverage your insights to make data based decisions on what to post for highest engagement.

Select Your Strategy to Increase Social Media Engagement

Are you looking to grow your audience or increase engagement with your current base?

Create a social media strategy based on your goals. Someone new to your brand may need more information about your services, products, and social proof. A past customer has more information about your brand to be able to interact with the content as a user. You can increase social media engagement rates by creating content for viewers in each stage of the buyer's journey

Increase Social Media Engagement by Knowing The Audience

Who is your target audience? What platforms are they using? What content do they expect from your brand? Until you have a clear picture of your client, their problems, how they feel about them, and, most importantly, how you can solve that problem for them, the content you post won't be optimized for the right audience.

Create and Share Valuable Content

Create themes around your products and services and post photos, videos, and special

offers around them. This might include deeper looks at your services, how-to guides, explainer videos, industry tips, and sign-ups for exclusive content. If the content value is high enough that a viewer would share their contact information to receive it, such as a coupon or white paper, consider developing a lead magnet as part of your inbound marketing strategy.

Stay On Message

Sharing your story in a true, authentic message will create a consistent community. A viewer of your social media presence should be able to recognize your message, voice, logos, and color palette. Download our brand strategy workbook to develop your brand guidelines.

Keep the Conversation Going

Commit to spending a minimum of 15 minutes per day responding to comments and stories. If you don't make engaging on your platforms a priority, neither will your followers.

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