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How To Turn Your Dance Recital Video Into Revenue For Your Studio

Updated: May 9

Your dancers have dedicated endless hours perfecting their techniques for the big show. Now it all pays off in a magical recital that makes those late nights at the studio worthwhile.

But did you know those recital videos can be more than just a keepsake for families? With the right video production partner, you can actually generate revenue from your shows.

Offering professional video of your metro Detroit dance recital can be a money maker when you make it an add-on service for families. It can also lead to a higher level of satisfaction when all student's receive a copy of the performance they've worked so hard on. And when they share their performance video, you get the benefit of loyalty marketing!

Sell Dance Recital Videos Directly

Most parents would love a download of their child's dances to share with grandparents or to have as a memento. By selling digital downloads directly to parents for $40-60 each, you can quickly earn back the base cost of hiring a videographer. This also gives families a high-quality alternative to shaky footage from their own cameras - and a better experience for everyone in the audience.

Price videos individually and promote pre-orders to families. This allows them to purchase the momento directly while providing upfront revenue to your studio.

Bundle into Monthly Tuition

Simply build the average cost per student into next season's tuition. Take the cost of your dance recital videography, divide it by the number of student's, and divide again by the number of tuition payments to be made.

Spread video expenses across the year by building the production fees into your regular class rates. For a 100-student studio charging $50/month, just $5 more per student generates $5000 over 10 months—more than enough to cover multi-camera filming. This way, parents don't feel nickeled-and-dimed by add-ons, and every family gets a professional video.

Use Ticket Sales

Add the cost of your dance recital video services to the cost of recital tickets to cover filming expenses. With enough ticket sales, you could completely underwrite video production without paying anything upfront. You can even provide download codes to ticket-holders so they get the video as a bonus!

With professional videography, you can increase satisfaction for dance families while boosting your bottom line. And we make the process hassle-free by dealing with the production. Contact us to learn more about our dance recital video services!.

We help maximize the excitement, revenue, and memories from your next show. Let's connect to strategize how dance recital video can benefit your studio!

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