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How Videos Help Your Business

Updated: 15 hours ago

If you aren’t using video in your marketing plan, you are missing out on six key opportunities.

Jason Chevatewa, small business videographer

Increased Revenue

On average, businesses that include videos as part of their marketing, conversion, and website strategy see revenue increases 49% faster than businesses that do no use video. This statistic is true whether you have a product or service based business. Potential leads, and existing customers, want to connect with the company they do business with through multiple platforms and media types.

Lead Generation

Landing pages that include video have an 80% increase in engagement rates. Videos can explain your product or service to a lead quickly, without the need for extensive reading through website copy. Videos can be used to communicate and illustrate a products features or a service benefit faster than text could, creating relatability through the human experience.

Increased Engagement

Click through rates increase an average of 27% in email campaigns that include video. The most common types of videos used in inbound marketing and email campaigns include:

  • Brand promotion

  • Event marketing

  • Case studies

  • Customer testimonials

  • Post sale product information

  • Holiday messaging

  • Demo a product or service

Consumable Content

80% of all content consumed online is video content. If you aren't creating video content for your brand, you are missing out on opportunities to engage your target audience. Video content that is consumable, and shareable, increases your brand reach and engagement. Consider including behind the scenes and culture moments with your social followers to add to your brand story.

Turn Viewers Into Customers

64% of viewers will become customers after watching a brand's video on social media. The average user spends 147 minutes every day on social media. If 80% of content consumed in that time is video content, you need to include video as part of your