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When to Post on Social Media for Engagement

Updated: Mar 21

Almost as important as "what" to post on social media is "when" to post your brand content.

General Engagement Trends Based on When You Post On Social Media

  • Monday through Friday from 3:00-4:00pm is a higher engagement time for younger users.

  • Monday afternoons are popular for brand posts.

  • Saturdays from 8:00-11:00pm are active times for women to use social media.

  • 93% of millennials watch How-To videos on YouTube.

  • The most shared content across all platforms is video.

  • The four pillars of most engaged content are:

    • Entertainment

    • Inspiration

    • Teaching

    • Conversion

  • Images showing faces get more likes that those without.

Peak Engagement Times by Platform

Facebook blue icons


Late week fatigue and weekend events draw more users to Facebook on Thursday and Friday afternoons. While Facebook and Instagram may have similar audiences, through the Meta Business Suite, you can post (and schedule!) to both platforms simultaneously.

Pink background with instagram logo


Business posts on Monday afternoons increase Instagram engagement. Personal content and purchase of consumer products peak in the evening hours. If your brand sells consumer goods, scheduling evening posts could be an important part of your social media strategy.

Red background
Pinterest logo


Relaxed weekend scrolling allow users to spend more time finding and saving inspirations. In particular, the weeks leading up to holidays see an increase in seasonal pinning. If you have seasonal products or selling cycles, Pinterest can be an important component to your overall brand marketing.

Twitter logo against a dark navy background


Weekdays during work hours have the highest engagement soon Twitter. If you sell a B2B service or product, Twitter can be a great way to engage with your ideal client. Twitter is also heavily used as a customer service touchpoint, reducing the number of inbound calls.

Red YouTube play button against a dark background


Google owned YouTube works in parallel with search engines to deliver your content. Posting to YouTube may not get instant results (unless your post is trending or promoted on other channels), but is a good part of an overall content strategy. 54% of consumers say they would like to see more video content from brands they support. Not using video in your content strategy? Click here to get your guide to brand videos.

Linkedin logo against dark background


As the "business social media" it's not surprising that much of the feed activity on LinkedIn is during the business day, primarily early mornings and late afternoons. If you sell B2B solutions or products, your target buyer may be using LinkedIn for their business. Try posting relevant white papers, social proof, and product highlights for engagement and lead generation. Often under utilized by brands, there is less competition on this platform. LinkedIn can be a vital part of your Inbound Marketing Strategy.

Using Your Insights to Decide When To Post On Social Media

  • Analyze Your Past Engagement - What previous poses received the most reactions from your followers? Look at the messaging and the format. Was it an offer, a video, or a particular product?

  • Select Your Strategy - Are you looking to grow your audience or increase engagement with your current base. Create and post brand content based on your social media goals.

  • Know Your Audience - Who is your target audience? What platforms are they using? What content do they expect from your brand? The answers to these questions provide insight into which social media platforms you should use.

  • Review your page or profile performance to see your followers most active days and hours. Posting your content 30 minutes before this peak time will allow your content to be active when your audience is becoming active.

  • Engage with other brand's contents before your post so they have a reason to click to your profile and see your newest content.

Schedule A Free Consultation with Media Plus Motion to discuss your social media strategy.

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