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How To Prep Your Home For Real Estate Video Marketing

Updated: Sep 12

Real Estate Video Guide

With most real estate purchases shifting to online listings and virtual viewings, online videos for real estate marketing make your listing stand out. Real estate listings that include a video tend to get 403% more inquiries! In fact, more buyers are going to YouTube to check out potential properties.

Media Plus Motion has a few tips to help you get your home ready for your real estate video production day.


Summer Months

  • Mow and edge lawn

  • Weed flower beds

  • Remove any dead flowers from planting areas

  • Trim shrubs and trees

  • Sweep and spray concrete areas

  • Move cars from driveways and frontage

  • Close garage doors

  • Store children's toys and sports equipment

  • Clean dog droppings

  • Clean pool areas

Fall/Winter Months

  • Rake Leaves

  • Shovel and salt walkways

  • Turn on exterior lights


General Maintenance

  • Clean all areas of the home thoroughly including fixtures, glass, countertops, dust, and vacuum

  • Declutter and personalize as much as possible

  • Close windows to exterior noise

  • Open window treatments and blinds to let in natural light

  • Turn off TVs and computers

  • Remove small rugs

Kitchen and Dining Rooms

  • Put away small appliances

  • Reduce clutter in cabinets

  • Remove photos and magnets from refrigerator front

  • Reduce cleaning supplies under sinks

  • Store dish racks off countertops

  • Remove visible garbage cans

  • Dress the dining table with a fresh floral arrangement

  • Push in chairs


  • Make beds

  • Reduce the number of items hanging in closets

  • Close all closet doors

  • Clear personal items from bedside tables


  • Remove all items from countertops including toothbrushes

  • Place fresh towels on racks

  • Remove shampoos, soaps, etc. from showers and tubs

  • Remove additional clutter from storage areas

Family Rooms

  • Straighten throw pillows and cushions

  • Store toys

  • Hide any visible cables and wires


  • Store paperwork and files in drawers

  • Reduce clutter on desks

Contact us today to get moving! Request a quote for your real estate video marketing.

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